Sunday, November 09, 2008

Deb's first peyote piece

Somewhere in-between the top and bottom picture, the color would be correct. This is my student Deb H.'s first peyote project. It will be a clutch bag when it's finished. I'm thrilled at how the pattern turned out and Deb did a great job. With my time so limited, I'm very pleased to be able to see my designs made up without having to start putting in 24 hours days trying to catch up with myself.

And a note about "beginner" projects - which is: most them suck. I've found that even brand new beaders (who are determined, motivated) can manage much more than a plain piece, given good instruction and decent word and/or diagram charts. And it's always so gratifying to a new beader to produce something very complicated and splashy-looking on their first attempt.

And the teacher, of course, is just as tickled with the results.


NEDbeads said...

Deb H, what a great job! I am sure we will all be waiting to see how the finished bag comes out, but you have done a fabulous job already! Linda, great teaching, Deb must be thrilled! Congratulations to you both!

Christina said...

Wow, she did a great job! It's beautiful.

LJ said...

She really did good, didn't she!