Thursday, January 06, 2005


I seem to be on a roll with diamond stitch. Never one to let well enough alone, I've gone mad with embellishing - in size 15 charlottes, if you please. My rule? Never make something quickly if you can add hours and hours to the task!

This one was prompted by the suggestion of a coworker, who thought the bracelet style would look terrific all in black - very Victorian.

3 & 4 mm crystals, onyx beads, size 11 & 15 sead beads, pressed glass drops and (not showing) a sterling silver magnet-slide closure.


The Lone Beader said...

I LOVE this, LJ!!! Victorian pieces are so elegant. Nice work:)

LJ said...

Thanks LB! It's no "Rudy," but my brain is stuck in diamond stitch! And now, of course, I have to make a necklace. Fire Mountain, here I come for more black crystals.

Jewels said...

Rich! Rich! Rich! Absolutely love it, now I'm off to make one in white!

LJ said...

Make sure we see a picture, Jewels!
My next one is cobalt, I think. Geez. They're addictive!