Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ear Tapestry Series: Bauhaus 1

Finally...time to do one tiny pattern!
Note, Nov. 10th. I get up in the morning, glance at the earrings and notice the MISTAKE. And these are square stitch. So there will be no pulling out stitches. Instead, start the second one all over again. Wah!


Kerrie Slade said...

Well whatever the mistake is, it isn't obvious ... to me anyway lol! They are gorgeous earrings.

Thanks for the comment and advice regarding my current 'beading injury'. I was feeling pretty down about it and so it's great to have some hope :0)

LJ said...

Hi Kerrie. Maybe I should put them up on Etsy and offer a discount if you can do a "where's Waldo" on the mistake.
And you're welcome. Hell of a time to be getting a stress injury, judging from your recent blogs. Do hope everything gets better.

Kerrie Slade said...

Thanks LJ - managed to do a bit of beading in the last couple of days and took your advice and changed my grip a little :0)

And - after much staring (I do like a challenge!) I think I may have spotted the tiny thing that you class as a mistake. But if it's what I think it is, I really wouldn't worry about it ... says Ms. Perfectionist herself lol!

Pat de Verre said...

Thanks for the tag LJ but I am very busy at the moment and have no time to tag others...wait!
I love these earrings inspired by the Bauhaus works...really original.
Have a nice week.