Saturday, January 10, 2009

More digression

It doesn't look like beads, does it? My apologies to those who might come here just for that, but I've developed a fascination for fiber recently...big ambitious plans to start nuno felting and needle felting and obviously, I'm crocheting.

This will be a rug (I think.) I plan to felt the crap out of the strips and either weave them or sew them in a roll (a Sushi rug!). Why am I doing this? Well: 1 - I have lots of scratchy yarn not suitable for garments and 2. - It is saving my sanity on the bus. When it's finished, I'm calling it
something like "Fifty-two hours on city transit rug."

Meanwhile, the UFOs are still UF. And I have a backlog of ideas long enough to cover the Great Wall of China.

One of the ideas is a pitch for a magazine article or book. I've been scribbling notes for days.

Anyone know where I can buy another 30 years or so, so I can finish up.



beadbabe49 said...

I like your fiber work too and it is so much more portable than all those little glass shiny things!
I can't afford to buy another 30 years, but I would take donations, lol!

LJ said...

Hi BB! You and me, kiddo. All donations welcome. Anyone who is bored silly with life and just sitting on their butt finding everything tedious...we are taking donations! Just drop off those wearying extra years here. Will trade for beadwork. :)

Lidia said...

I think fiber can be just as addictive as beads. I love the idea of a sushi rug too.