Sunday, October 26, 2008

More patterns and a new beading blogger

Greetings fellow addicts. I made a new beading friend on Facebook a little while back and she has just launched her blog with a wonderful embroidered cuff as her most recent entry. You can find her at I'll add her as "Nancy's Bead Blog" in the links at the right.

Meanwhile, have you ever been hooked on solitaire or online Mahjong? Or plunked down with a new Firemountain catalog intending to browse for 10 minutes only to find that hours have melted away in minutes? Beadtool is exactly like that. It had been some time since I'd done anything much in peyote or square stitch and I'd had the Beadtool software on my computer for months and hadn't used it. I don't know what flipped my on-switch, but now it's become a habit - and once I start, I'm likely to begin around breakfast time and look up at lunch time. So, I've posted the last session's designs.

This weekend I taught the first "kitchen table" class I've done for quite a while. It was a flat, even count peyote class and the two students (I have a tiny kitchen table) chose a version of
"Geisha" and another face pattern I call "Winter Hat" (picture at top) Imagine how delightful it is to find out you can do something that looks complicated - but technique-wise is not one bit different than making up a solid color cuff. We had a ball. The two hour class was in beading hours. In real time, that equals four hours. I'll be teaching for the next three weekends and I've pretty much decided to keep it going on an every-other weekend basis. One stitch always leads to another, as you know. This may cure me of my hermit-like ways. The classes feel the way I imagine an old-fashioned quilting bee felt.

Slowly working on the commission for Katie's blue "heart of glass"...and pining for more beading time. Oh. And I'm developing an interest in Steampunk jewelry. Because you know, I really NEED another obsession in my life.

Hope this finds you all well and creating.


NEDbeads said...

Thank you thank you, Linda! I never imagined that you would add me right on in, and I am thrilled and honored!! I LOVE these patterns, I do I do. I need another obsession as well, I will have to look at some Steampunk and see what's what!

LJ said...

Entirely welcome, Nancy. Nice to see your work out in the blogsphere. And in truth, both of us are quite obsessed enough. Not that that stops anyone.

Christina said...

Very nice flower patterns!

herhimnbryn said...

Your classes sounds grand and very inspiring for you and your students.

Deborah March said...

I'm one of the very LUCKY kitchen table students. The class was a BLAST, and the time really flew by. Having never worked with seed beads before, I so appreciated your kindness and patience Linda, and look forward to learning with you as one of your "regulars." THANK YOU! See you next time.

The Lone Beader said...

We all need new obsessions once in awhile. LOL

LJ said...

Hi everyone. Yes, H - inspiring for all concerned, for sure. Thanks Christina...I think they'll be very pretty made up...hoping so, anyway.
Deborah...glad you had fun. Me too.
LB - Uh-huh. I'll need to forward a few to my next few lifetimes, I think.