Saturday, October 04, 2008

Houston, we have touch down

I started cleaning and reorganizing at about 11:00 a.m.

I finished at 10:00 p.m. so exhausted I couldn't even find the energy to feel a sense of accomplishment.

At one hideously fatigued moment, I began to count the number of drawers in this room...over 200. Most of which were emptied, reorganized and relabeled during the course of the carnage. Meanwhile, Cat claimed my new soft, cushy throw blanket and slept blissfully through the upheaval...except, of course, to interrupt now and then when he required food.

My big AHA moment of the day? I have enough supplies. This is to be my new mantra. "ENOUGH SUPPLIES, ENOUGH SUPPLIES, ENOUGH SUPPLIES." Enough for who? Twenty beaders, that's who.

This morning I used all of my 10 thumbs to set up my new table top lighting kit.
Oh glory! There is a Goddess of Beaders (related, I think, to Arachne). It works. Check the difference in the photos of the Tiger's Eye bracelet. And for your viewing pleasure, I've included shots of the organized shelves and drawers - just so that you can be impressed and astonished that anyone could fit that much crap in one room! And I'm not posting photos of the 3 drawer cabinets on wheels or the 11 drawer desk drawers.


beadbabe49 said...

wow and double wow! You get a gold star for organizing and for the great bracelet photo! and for the great bracelet itself!
(my friend cheri says we can "shop" at home first when we need something, because we usually have it already....sounds like you're at that stage as well...congrats!)

herhimnbryn said...

Your 'lighting' thingy is amazing. What a difference in the photos. You know I may well have to steal the 'lighting thingy' idea, don't you?

LJ said...

I dearly love a gold star! Hi BB! What a hell of a job it was...but after a while, all that clutter and mess is visual "noise" -about 200 decibels worth. Glad you like the bracelet and shot. It was impossible to photograph without the "tent" and lights. I'm very happy with the kit.

Herhimnbryn...The table top set up was from Alzo Digital and I purchased on line. Price was better than most and the service and delivery time was stellar. I've known I needed something like this for ages - and I did a lot of makeshift...but since I've been putting together lampwork earrings (thereby justifying my compulsive buying of lampwork beads), I've found it's just impossible to get a good shot without a proper setup. I highly recommend putting the cash out and having yourself a lot of agony.

The Lone Beader said...

The tiger's eye is beautiful!!!

Libby said...

Oh God bless your sweet heart and your tired muscles:) I just started a new job this week plus I've been cleaning out a storage unit, sorting, reboxing, sorting, lifting, and can barely move, but it will be finished today and I will be soooooo happy. Crap indeed.
Bravo - brava? - on your huge accomplishment. Your studio is awesome.
Great pictures too of that gorgeous bracelet.
Three cheers for victorious women!!!

LJ said...

Thanks LB. The badly lit batch were so inaccurate and awful. It looked...yellow. Ugh.
Well Libby...same blessing back atcha. Congratulations to you on finishing too. My muscles were really sore the next much crouching and lifting!
Three hundred cheers for all of us!

Jewels said...

Looks like we were both on the same wavelength this weekend, as between the fair and grocery shopping, all I did was reorganize, and get rooms ready for demolition/renovation. :D

I've got quite the little setup in my lower level for my beads now. As my hubby said when he walked in and saw the progress "Oh, look at you! You've got your own little bead emporium down here!" LOL!

Lady, you need to take some upclose shots of those necklaces in the fifth photo. I NEED to see them! ;)

And a lightbox makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it?
Awesome work, two pats on the back, and 3 kudos to you Ma'am! Now make yourself a pot of tisanne and relax in a nice hot bath. You're gonna need it!

LJ said...

Good on you, Jewels. Looks like it was a sweat, organize and haul weekend for a number of us. Preparing the cave for the Winter?
I'll send you some closeups of those necklaces. Remind me if I forget, ok?
And YES...the lightbox is an answer to prayers - and has cut my swearing like a sailor down considerably.

MixPix said...

Woo hoo - isn't it a great feeling when you have a big organising session - good on you. Only thing: I've always maintained that there's no such thing as too much in Paradise, and that's the excuse I use with beads - but maybe I just haven't been collecting them for long enough?