Sunday, September 28, 2008

Work and weather report

I told myself, in no uncertain terms, that sitting down at the computer and opening the pattern software was a very bad idea. I know how I am.

Five hours later...when nothing else is done, I finally shut it off.

Today I actually made some headway on "Geisha"...the prototype. I've made corrections to the pattern (now that I see how the actual piece looks) and ordered some additional bead colors I hope will reasonably resemble human flesh next time I start on a face pattern. I'll finish the piece and keep it - which is what I do with anything slightly flawed.

And suddenly the weekend is nearly gone. Time passes at warp speed when I'm doing anything beadwork related.

I'm sucking wind over at Etsy. I don't know if that's there are 3000 really outstanding artists working in beads at Etsy, crappy luck, the careening economy, or that I'm charging half of what I think most of my work is worth - and it's twice what anyone is willing to pay.

Instead of continuing with the pity party I threw for myself at the end of the week, I figured it was better to do what always works - sales or no sales - work at something that feels creative and forget what may or may not sell. I'm doing that, by the way, while I wait for Tropical Storm Kevin or Kyle or Keno - the most recent "K" hurricane's tail.

And I cheer myself, too, with the prospect of seeing "Radiant's" new frame. I recruited a master woodworker and I gave him free reign and said I'd pay what it cost, no dickering. He says the new frame is cherry and that the wood curves away from the picture like the cheaper frame did...and he's done some sort of simple detail with the edges. He says there are shades in the wood that are almost the same as some of the colors in the piece. I can't wait. I've seen his work and it's gorgeous.

Hope you're all well, happy and (of course) beading!


goatman said...

Finally back to real-time . . . I was confused in the future what with the clock being off and all.

How have you been?

LJ said...

Hey goatman. Those time shifts play hell with a person, don't they? Me? I always like to introduce myself from the future and then fill the past in.
Not writing you can see from LOE. Started asking myself what I had to say that improved the universe in general. And suddenly went very quiet.
Hope you're well. I'll drop in to see...

goatman said...

You are lucky to know someone who knows wood to help you with the frames. I would like to see his work.

You don't have to apologize for correspondence on my blog, I welcome it. In fact, this blogging always surprises me. How people across the continent, or across the planet, can converse so readily with the only rules being: be kind to one another and treat them as friends. We can do what we want, sky's the limit (I know it's trite), and see what original means of communication we can come up with. I was having a discussion the other day (on her blog) as to whether empathy could be taught or was an innate quality, me arguing for the latter and she the former. We agreed to disagree but the discussion was fun.
I don't know if you remember but awhile back you gave us some advice on what a friend visiting from Australia should wear in spring while visiting your area.
Helpful you were, and correct.
Best to you.

herhimnbryn said...

I know what you mean about sales and I'm just beginning!

Not beading but mosaic-ing, cramps in my right hand from tile cutting.

LJ said...

Goatman and Herhimnbyrn, Good Morning!
My exposure to the blogsphere has been exceptionally positive and I thank you (goatman)for not minding a bit of correspondence in comments. I dearly hope your friends didn't encounter one of Halifax's notorious dreary cold & rain spells.
As to empathy...I agree with you - although I do believe that it's one of those qualities we are born with differing amounts of (how's that for a grammatical disaster?).
The minute you can see another's feelings or situation in a context you can relate to is the minute you achieve empathy. And surely we humans are not so different from one another that we can't learn to do that. Interesting point of discussion, this.
Hello Herhimnbryn...I am empathizing with you. My friend Ilga has a business selling knitting patterns - and her regrettable conclusion is that you need to throw money at advertising. She's doing quite well and selling all over the world, but says she sees a big jump when she's running ads. Sigh.
Where is the time and money going to come from, huh?

The Lone Beader said...

I wouldn't feel too bad about Etsy. I think it's a hard market, especially jewelry. I'm just starting out, but I will be shocked if I ever get one sale! But, I figured to at least put it out there just for fun! :D

LJ said...

Hi LB..
I think you're right. So much to choose from. On the up-side, 20 cents a listing? It's not breaking the budget.
I think you'll get sales. It just might take time for people to find you.
Apparently it's all about participation in groups, forum etc.
Unfortunately - I just don't have time to actually make the work, work full time and then chat for hours online. And with the recent
economic developments - and a pension in the stock market, I may retire into a pine box! So time is going to stay short, I'm afraid.