Friday, August 01, 2008

An embarassment of riches: Picks from Etsy artists

Meet Zuma Single 8. She (don't ask me, I just thought "she") measures 18 x25 mm and is dying to be a focal on something I make. Or something you make, if you beat me to the spare $20.00. She's made by Tera, of beadygirlbeads. And you can see the Beady Girl's shop at Etsy by clicking here. I am a sucker for Tera's brilliant sock-you-silly colors and what I can only refer to as "wit." I grin every time I look at her pieces.

Ooooh. Ahhhh. Michael at Protege gives us Webbed Heart, a magical, glowing focal measuring 37 x 27 x 15mm but taking up much more room on my favorites list. This piece just gives me chills and you have to visit the closeup shots at Protege on Etsy. Webbed heart sells at $24.00

And look at this incredible, elegant piece byMorwyn of anothercountry at Etsy. This, to my mind hits the categories "wearable" and "art" with equal force and style. Morwyn says she's trying to work towards brighter colors. Me? I think she's doing just fine already. This piece is Industrial Femme, and the piece sells for a mere $100.00 Find anothercountry at etsy.

And a bravo for Jane Rovers, my fellow Haligonian, for her utterly gorgeous photography, transferred to canvas. This 4 x 4 inch piece is called Weathered and sells at $35.00 I love Jane's work - and she's traveling soon, and coming back with a whole new collection of work, so watch for her at janerovers on etsy.

**And am I getting any work done? Ummm. Well. I guess I will soon - projects are piling in my studio. But right now, I'm in artisan heaven...surfing all the gorgeousness at Etsy. And I just had to start sharing a few of my many favorites. Enjoy! Visit the artists. Comments are always welcome.


theresa martin said...

Thank you for including me. I'm enjoying checking out the other shops you've mentioned. Great work everyone.

LJ said...

Welcome indeed Theresa! And I agree. Great work.

morwyn said...

Thank you for adding my neckpiece to your post - the other shops you've highlighted are great! I'm loving all the color ideas!!

theresa martin said...
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