Monday, August 04, 2008

Circus earrings

Tasteful, subtle, no?

But that's the fun of doing bead work. You always have something to match.
I swore I'd never wear these retro prints - but hell, it's been raining and foggy for an entire week and that blouse kind of jumped off the rack and into my hand. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Besides, it was 60% off. Come know I couldn't leave it there to waste away.


Kerrie said...

Just gorgeous LJ - you and the earrings!

Kerrie :-)

herhimnbryn said...

Good morning Sunshine! You are looking great.

beadbabe49 said...

I love the whole look! (is it time to book that trip to mexico yet?)

Pat de Verre said...

bonjour Linda,
I love so much the combo of colors you choose for these earrings...I re-do the bedroom of my younger son last month in these
Really it is so chic with your blouse!
Definitively the king of earrings which I can wear!

LJ said...

Glad you all like the colors! Very cheering after days and days of fog and rain. I seldom wear red...tend more towards blues, violets and greens...but sometimes you just have to shout, don't you?
BB - Mexico? Just hand me tickets. I have a fantasy about living in Freda Kahlo's blue house.
Pat - Nice to hear that about the earrings. I'm sorting my stash to see what kind of center beads I have for this stitch.
Kerrie and Herhimnbyrn - the cheque is in the mail!

Libby said...

You're so beautiful! Those lively blue eyes, those awesome cheekbones!! And of course the earrings are perfect with the blouse. Funny how seeing jewelry on a live model makes it seem so much more wearable and perhaps suitable for me. Would love to see you model more of your pretties!

LJ said...

Libby that's so nice of you. Good light, good day, red lipstick, yah know? And I think you're right about earrings being on a live model...for one thing, it gives an idea of proportion and size. I don't like modeling my stuff much, but I'm what I've got handy. Meanwhile, I'm planning to get a white necklace & earring mannequin in the future. Or if I have time, get one of my student assistants to model. Thanks for the comment.

Jewels said...

Skip the mannequin, and be your own model! You're drop dead gorgeous LJ! I love those big blue eyes of yours. You look so vibrant and that "almost little sideways smirk" you've got going is quite cute.

And of course, I love the earrings. You need to make a green pair! *to go with MY green eys, LOL!* ;)

LJ said...

Howdy jewels! Lucky you don't all see what I do - which is a giant enormous NOSE. I'm laughing. Actually just sold a pair of these with a blue glass bead and green (like your eyes) seedbead edging.

The Lone Beader said...

Great photo! :D