Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Square Stitch Earrings: "Agree to Differ"

ARGHH! The tortures of the damned! My camera hates turquoise. Actually, the blue beads are a deep, very shiny turquoise - and what does it give me? Flat blue, that's what. And the "brown" beads are bronze matte metallic with lovely shade differences, but NO, I get brown! When some miracle of light happens, I'll try, try again. (Postscript: HA! The light changed. This is more like it!)

These were just for fun - I love giant earrings & these are 30mm x 70mm (that's nearly an inch and a quarter wide by two and three quarters inches long, for those who don't think in metric). I was tempted to make the same pattern for both, but I overcame the impulse.


beadbabe49 said...

Wonderful name and colors and bravo for refusing to make them both the same! Maybe you could start a club for those folks too creative (or too easily bored!) to make boring old matching sets! (I'd join in a heartbeat!)

Libby said...

Love your unique style and color sense. Would love to see a picture of you (or another) wearing these lovelies. They're beautiful but a bit bigger than I usually wear.

LJ said...

Thanks BB. Got to keep ourselves amused, you know! Bet no one notices. Put money on it. And yeah - great club. Contrary Beaders Not So Anonymous!
Libby - Notice the method in my madness. All my basic clothes are black, so no matter what colors I use in a design, I usually include black (and browns have been big the last few years, with aqua/turquoise coming along for winter). The earrings below (southwest jewels) are smaller by the way. I just got carried away with drawing the pattern for these - and the few more columns and rows make a BIG difference. When I am suitably camera-worthy, I will attempt a picture.
Thanks for the drop-in, you guys!

Kerrie said...
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The Lone Beader said...

Very cool!!