Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Lagoon" beadwork cuff

This is the latest RAW stitch cuff. Strangest color! The base beads are Toho - Purple lined teal - and when you put actual teal beads next to it, they are only a shade off, but held against a large swatch of steel blue material, they closely match. I've used Aqua Azaro 4mm fire polished and the 6mm fire polished beads are turquoise with a metallic half-coat. Lots of tiny plain sterling and Bali sterling beads in this one, too. The colors brought to mind deep water glinting silver with moonlight.

I've decided that I have enough samples done to show - and now I'm going to do three row samples of different colors.

Meanwhile I'm chomping at the bit to try some experiments. Too many ideas. Too little time.


Marylo, la reveuse said...


This one is like a dark summer night.

I just love it!

Congratulation! Beautiful beadwork my friend

LOL (Lots of Love). Marylo, la rêveuse

beadbabe49 said...

wonderful cuff! and I know the time crunch feeling!

Jewels said...

I have GOT to make something like this. This is a perfect 'Bling' piece. You know, the one that will bring pizazz to your whole ensemble. Do people still say pizazz?

LJ said...

I still say pizazz. But your safe, Bling is still in use. Thanks Jewels -it's RAW stitch using a base unit of 8 beads - I find that's perfect for embellishing!