Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Creativity Awards! Tributes to those who inspire me to stretch creatively.

I was given this lovely award for creativity by Marylo of Le reveuse de bijoux. What a nice thing to wake up to!

The deal is this: I award five bloggers in turn & they award five bloggers. Great idea and a way to share our work, our favorites. Pass around the inspiration, I say! An awfully tough job to get it down to five, but here are my choices.

1.Bobbie at Beading at the Beach. For her imagination, for always daring to experiment & make art, for technical skill.

2. The Lone Beader, Dianne, whose wonderful miniature worlds fascinate. No one can take an "ordinary" subject and make it as magical as Dianne - and she has an eye for shading, texture and detail that no one can rival.

3. Julie. The Jewellery Goddess who makes things so gorgeous & juicy you want to eat them up. And when she's on a creative streak, she can outproduce anyone!

4. Beadweaver. You can't leave this site out! This is the most ambitious blog in the world - and a map to hundreds of glorious artists & doings in the beading world. We owe a great debt to this site.

5. And for Loomatics: Julie at Gaslight. Gorgeous loom work. (I figure anyone who does loom work deserves an award for weaving off all those warp threads - never mind ending up with something fabulous!) This is a website and not a blog, so I've bent the rules a little.

And I've added a new link! I'm sure some of you know her work, but I've just found her blog.
Kerrie Slade.

For inspiration in other mediums, my good friend Ilga Leja has a wonderful website of original knitting patterns and my Australian friend who goes by "Herhimnbryn" does gorgeous mosaics at Secret Hill Mosaics.

Okay. This is verging on cheating, isn't it? I'm way past five!


The Lone Beader said...

Awwww... thanks for mentioning me! Your words are so sweet. I will try to post my five sometime later this week. Have a wonderful day! :D

Kerrie said...

Thanks for the link and the mention Linda :)


herhimnbryn said...

Ooh, thankyou for the mention. I'd blush if it wasn't so chilly here!

SuzyQ said...

Wow, LJ, Thank you for the wonderful tribute!!

LJ said...

On the contrary folks! Thank YOU. And I'll check to see if any has had time to name names themselves.

Jewels said...

Linda, I'm honored.
Thank you!
But, you're one of MY five!

Now, if only that creative streak would pop back up, eh? ;)

Thank you

LJ said...

Jewels -- It ALways comes back.

Jewels said...

And thank heaven for THAT!