Saturday, August 26, 2006

Collage and clip

1. Collage of embroidered cuffs. Seed seeds, crystals, semi-precious stones, pressed glass.

2. A detail shot of a woven bead necklace in ambers, purples, eggplant shades, with copper beads.


Anonymous said...

I love this!

The richness of the colors. The choices of them together. You have the artists eye.

The colors look so regal, so royal.

You should set up a site online to sell your things. I bet word of mouth on here would work good. I'm sure people would link to your site. I'd be first in line.

I also love the purple passion below. Very beautiful and my favorite color!

I'll keep checking back for new pieces :)


LJ said...

Hi Jamie! Thanks for the visit. I love color! It's my main reason for beading - so I have an excuse to wallow in colors for hours and still be "doing" something.
New pieces may be slow coming as I should be teaching soon. Won't have a lot of time to work until January.